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"Do I have to have a YouTube channel?"


"Do I have to have a lot of Followers?"



Following our instagram @alimice_hair_official , we are looking for hair promoter now!

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  • Thato

    I have a YouTube channel I would like to be your promoter please contact me if you want me to promote your hair on my YouTube channel and take pictures for you for Instagram thank you

  • Kitese Bessard

    I would absolutely love to be a promoter for all nations race creed age the have and have nots I am one who is not afraid of being different a trendsetter with my own personal touch and swag I sell water to a well honey hope to hear from you time is on my side.😀💋💯

  • Sandra F Williams

    Quick note for women of age. I’m 62 years old and love your hair, the only drawback is you forgot an entire demographic, women of age. We love to get our sexy on also and I would love to see more styles custom to us. We can’t or won’t do the long hairstyles but we can rock some more bobs and short styles with various colors. Don’t forget us, we are definitely a major source of money, remember the women in the church, in business, working in our communities. We are fashion setters also, with established followers. You’re missing a lot of business by not catering to our demographics.

  • Teshae Lamb

    I want to become a promoter I absolutely LOVE. Your hair and I have multiple people looking to get it but I wish you guys sold wholesale in U Part wigs

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