Alimice Story time

season 1

pls bagin with "without your love, i would die...."
and the story must have "Alimice Hair" words anywhere .
Blow your mind and comment your story below.
5 people will win!
we will choose one best story send out free hair
and 2 stories will win $50 gift card.
2 stories will win $30 gift card.
Time: Aug 1st - 31st


  • lisa

    “without your love, i would die”
    My boyfriend and I met on a rainy night. I went to the gas station to refuel. It happened to him, too. We were sheltering from the rain in the gas station’s convenience store because of the heavy rain. At this time, a group of masked people came, look. I looked like a robber. I was terribly scared. My boyfriend was not a boyfriend at the time. He just met him, but he took me and hid in the corner. What’s not possible is that we were still found. Those robbers used guns. Point to us and let us hand over the money. I was frightened and didn’t know what to do. At this time, my boyfriend was very brave and said, I will give it to you, don’t hurt this girl. From then on, We fell in love, he gave me alimice wig, I like it very much, I asked him, do you really love me, he said “without your love, i would die”

  • Lili

    G: With out your love, i will die, don’t leave me
    B: oh, sweet i love you too
    G: will buy a alimice hair for me?
    B: No
    G: I died
    B: oh , God! Why
    God: you don’t love her

  • Daisy

    “without your love, i would die”


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