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LSY company is short for Xuchang Longshengyuan Hair Products Co., Ltd.

    There are 286 employees in the enterprise, including 16 managers, 18 technicians, and 252 Craftsmen and workers. The annual production process is more than 2 million sets of clockwork and wig accessories. The company cooperates well with the financial sector and has no record of default. It has been rated as a municipal credit model enterprise with a bank credit rating of AAA (the highest level for small and medium-sized enterprises) year by year.

     Our company produces human hair products, chemical fiber headgear, doll heads and related accessories products, and promotes and sells them through overseas wholesale, store direct sales, OEM OEM production and processing, domestic traditional wholesale, online e-commerce and other methods. At present, the company has 6 brands with independent intellectual property rights in China. And in the Americas, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions, it has successively registered its own intellectual property brands (with registration certificates) to seek intellectual property protection, which has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

     We are the only cross-border e-commerce team in Xuchang city that has the most comprehensive platform coverage and the largest number of stores in the cross-border e-commerce business scope.

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